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Rose Seidler House

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Classic Australian House at 69-71 Clissold Road, Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia - Designed by Architect Harry Seidler and Built between 1948-1950

View the Rose Seidler House in Higher Resolution Virtual Reality Here 👓

Take a walk back in time to the 1950's by visiting this classic Australian home, right in the middle of Sydney but still giving you the feeling of seclusion thanks to the preservation of the surrounding bushland.

Harry Seidler:

"this house explodes the surfaces that enclose a normal house or space, and turns it into a continuum of free standing planes, through which the eye can never see an end, you are always intrigued what’s beyond"

First Impressions

With the drive there through typical suburban Sydney its a pleasant surprise to arrive at the property and find yourself surrounded by trees and the natural environment. There were Kookaburras, noisy wild turkeys and even a wallaby hopping by the house when I visited.

How to get there?

Given the dwellings location in the heart of Sydney and the fact that it is publicly accessible, it couldn't be easier to visit. The grounds seem to be open to visitors on any day, but to explore the interior of the house on Sundays you can visit Sydney Living Museums.

Having Trouble Viewing the Model? Direct Access the 3D Laser Scans Here 👀

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